Luxe & Life

Luxe & Life is the world’s premium worldwide short form pay-tv network that broadcasts programs related to “luxuries”. The 3,000+ hours of content cover all sectors of the luxury lifestyle market such as: Architectural Design, Gastronomy, Fashion and exclusive behind the scenes of luxurious lifestyle of celebrities.

Ginx Esports TV

GINX Esports TV is the home of esports on TV and the largest Esports channel in the world. It is available across 50 countries in 10 languages, showing live Esports tournaments from multiple locations. It is the go-to Esports network with a broad range of content targeting for hardcore and competitive gamers as well as casual gamers and fans. Through programs such as Fortnitely, Top 10, Game Trotting and Workshops, GINX not only offers gamers insight to the unique world of video games and tips to tackle and stay on top of their competitor but also the latest trends in the gaming community.

Pet & Pal

Pet & Pal is the video manual for pets, it offers a rich variety of pets’ entertainment programs, it has facts and knowledge of the pet world as well as all the craziest and funniest moments of pets - all compiled into one channel. The channel includes programs that give practical advice regarding pet raising, the latest trends of fashion accessories for pets, pet beauty competitions and many more.

Motorvision TV

Motorvision TV is the channel for car enthusiasts around the globe which are mainly affluent, modern urban males. Hence, the content ranges from compelling automotive reviews and test-drives to MotorStories which celebrates the way of driving all around the globe. Motorvision TV features exclusive highlights from the world of car makers, giving previews to the ultimate automotive hall of fame. Motorvision group is one of Europe’s leading producers of automotive related content. They are a pioneer in the German car TV production field having more than 15 years of experience, 25,000-hours worth of video archive and 4,500 hours of current original productions.

Health Wellness

The Health & Wellness channel is your coach for getting into a healthier lifestyle. It showcases the best way to keep your body and soul lively. The programs guide the viewers to form healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit, by providing instructions and advice for various physical activities, such as yoga, pilates, and zumba.  The channel also supports healthy living by providing step-by step guides and recipes for a healthier diet and for managing weight. This channel is for those who are seeking to sustain a better lifestyle.

My Cinema Europe

My Cinema Europe offers the best European movies, comprising more than 500 titles from major producers in all genres such as drama, thriller, romance, action and science-fiction. Many movies have been nominated and received awards at major film festivals around the world; 80% of the Oscars for best foreign language films are European films.